Tom Brandon for County Commissioner District 1
Let Me Be Your Voice

Your Madison County 

     While the population of many Alabama counties are decreasing, Madison County continues to be one of the fastest growing in the state, adding more than 5,000 people last year.  At present time, Madison County is the 3rd largest county in the state. One of the fastest growing areas, is right here in District 1. With the increasing of population comes an increase in housing, as evident by the number of developing subdivisions and new standalone houses. As these areas develop, not only do traffic patterns continue to change, but small rural roads and bridges now carry a volume of traffic that they were not originally designed for. The ever-increasing growth means challenges to our local schools as they try to maintain the high academic standards that Madison county has been known for.  As a long-time resident of Madison county, I have seen the amazing growth of District 1 and understand the careful and insightful planning that is needed for us to be able to navigate these changes. Not only have I spent my career educating the youth of our county, but I have also worked alongside many of our neighbors, helping to establish a community we can all take pride in. With the ever-increasing challenges before us, District 1 needs someone who can not only manage the $174 million budget, but also successfully see us through these ever-changing times so that none are overlooked. It is with your help and support that I would like to be your voice. I'm Tom Brandon and I want to be your District 1 County Commissioner.

Tom Brandon

Speaking at Harding Univ.

     Tom Brandon is a long-time resident of Madison County.  He holds a teaching degree from Harding University in Education and has served in the field of education for over 30 years.  The majority of those years in District 1 of Madison county, where he has taught, coached, and served on a number of advisory boards including the superintendent’s advisory board.  During this time, he received recognition as Teacher of the Year at his school and the Coca Cola Always Teaching award.  Nationally he was honored to receive the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Award for outstanding work in one’s community.  Tom Brandon has spoken in a variety of states and countries and taught college level courses in Africa and Central America.  For many years he donated part of his summers helping to set up and direct a free medical clinic in Lima, Peru.  He is an accomplished speaker and author and currently serves as the President of the board of directors for MCSSA.  But his greatest joy comes from family, especially his three grandchildren.